Drd. Physicist Traian Popescu

Drd. Fiz. Traian POPESCU

Assistant Researcher

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+40-21-369.01.70 / int.187, 216
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2010-Present, PhD student, University of Bucharest, Romania, Department of Solid State Physics, Thesis title: "Properties of TiO2-containing oxidic nanomaterials and their biological interactions";

2009 - MSc, Astroparticle Physics Program, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. Thesis: "Gravitational Waves from Coalescing Binary White Dwarfs";

2006 - MSc, Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Bucharest, Romania. Thesis: "Study of Statistical Mechanics of Self-Gravitating Systems"

2005 - 2006 - Exchange Student at Bonn University, Germany. Preparation of MSc Thesis at Max-Planck Institute for Radioastronomy, Bonn;

2000 - 2004 - Undergraduate Studies in Physics, University of Bucharest, Romania. Graduation Thesis: "Studiul Metodei [t,t'] de rezolvare a ecuatiei Schroedinger temporale";

2000 - 2002 - Undergraduate Studies in Biology (unfinished), University of Bucharest, Romani;

Professional Experience (vocational)

May 2009 - Present - Research Assistant, National Institute for Materials Physics, Bucharest, Romania;

February - May 2008 - Teaching Assistant, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. General Physics Laborator

September - December 2008 - Teaching Assistant, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. General Physics Laboratory

Current Research Interests

Synthesis and characterization of bismuth-titanium cubic oxides (sillenites) and bismuthtitanium/bismuth-iron oxidic systems for use in photocatalysis and photorefractivity applications Synthesis and characterization of bioactive materials;

Hands-on Experience (vocational)

Synthesis of TiO2 nanopowders by precipitation-thermal treatment method Basic experience in working with cell cultures;

Synthesis of bismuth titanyl oxide (Bi12T iO20) by coprecipitation-calcination and solid state methods;

Powder X-ray diffraction (Bruker D8 Advance);

Other Research Interests

Viability assesments for normal and tumoral cells exposed to T iO2−containing nanomaterials;

Nanomaterial-cell interaction mechanisms in adherent cell cultures;

Conference abstracts and posters
  • CFN Summer School 2011 on NANO-BIOLOGY, Bad Herrenalb, Germany, 2011, Properties of TiO2-based nanomaterials and their effects on normal and tumor cells, T. Popescua A.R. Lupub, L. Diamandescua, D. Tarabasanu-Mihailaa, M. Federa, A. M. Vlaicua
    a)National Institute of Materials Physics, P.O. BOX MG-7, Bucharest-Magurele, 077125, Romania bCantacuzino National Institute, Bucharest, 050096, Romania
  • September 2010 Conferinta Nationala de Fizica, "High temperature formation and properties of titanium based sillenite powders synthesized by coprecipitation and solid state methods",
    Traian Popescu 1 , Doina Tarabasanu-Mihaila 1 , Marcel Feder 1 , Cristina Valsangiacom1 , Lucian Diamandescu 1 , Brindusa Mironov 1 .
    1. Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania
  • September 2010 The annual International Conference of the RSBMB, "Preliminary studies on human PMN cells activation by TiO2−based nanopowders",
    Andreea-Roxana Lupu 1 , Traian Popescu 2 , Badulescu MM 1 , Cremer L 1 , Lucian Diamandescu 2 , Doina TarabasanuMihaila 2 .
    1. Cantacuzino National Institute, Bucharest, Romania 2. Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania
  • June 2010 CIMTEC 2010−12th International Ceramics Congress, "On the Hydrothermal Synthesis of xCr2O3 − (1 − x)F e2O3 Nanoparticle System",
    L. Diamandescu 1 , D. Tarabasanu-Mihaila 1 , F. Vasiliu 1 , M. Feder 1 , I. Mercioniu 1 , T. Popescu 1 .
    1. Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania
  • June 2010 International Conference of Physical Chemistry (ROMPHYSCHEM14), "Investigation of F e3O4 formation from the systems Fe(III)/Fe(II)−hydrazine hydrochloride",
    D. Gingasu 1 , I. Mandru 1 , L. Patron 1 , J. M. Calderon−Moreno 1 , L. Diamandescu 2 , T. Popescu 1 , C. B. Cizmas 1 .
    1. Romanian Academy, "Ilie Murgulescu" Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bucharest Romania
    2. Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania
    3. Department of Physics, Transilvania University, Brasov, Romania
  • July 2011, "WE-Heraeus Summer School for Physics 2011-Simulations on Nanotechnology for the Environment", Bremen, Germany;
  • September 2003 "International Summer School on Variable Density Turbulent Flows", Spain.
  • June 2005 "Carpathian Summer School of Physics", Romania.
  • June 2007 "Helmholtz Summer School on Modern Mathematical Physics" , Russia.
  • August 2007 "Gravitational Waves Summer School, Germany.
Computer skills
  • CCNA 1-Network Fundamentals
  • Fortran 90, C++ (basic), LaTex
  • Matlab, Maple
  • Linux (basic), Windows
  • English - Fluent - Speaking, reading, writing
  • French - Basic - Reading and writing
  • German - Basic - Speaking
  • Spanish - Basic - Reading and writing
  • D. Gingasua, I. Mindrua, L.A. Patrona, J. M. Calderon-Morenoa, L. Diamandescub, F. Tunaa,c, T. Popescub, Investigation of magnetite formation in the presence of hydrazine dihydrochloride,
    Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures, Vol. 6, No 3, July - September 2011, p. 1065-1072
    a) Ilie Murgulescu Institute of Physical Chemistry, Splaiul Independentei 202, Bucharest 060021, Romania
    b) National Institute of Materials Physics, P.O. Box MG-7, Bucharest-Magurele, 077125, Romania
    c) University of Manchester, School of Chemistry, Manchester M13 9PL, Lancs England
Popular Science
  • T. Popescu, Astronomia prin unde gravitationale
    Astronomia Pentru Toti, 74 -78; 2010; ISBN: 978-973-0-09416-9