Ph.D. Adelina Stanoiu

Dr. Adelina STANOIU

Senior Researcher II

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+40-21-369.01.70 / int.168
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2006 - Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University. Doctoral degree in Physics (Condensed Matter Physics)

1989 - Faculty of Physics, Bucharest University. Licence in Physics (equivalent of MSc).

Working periods abroad

1998 – 2008 - Research stages at Institüt für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany.

May 2002 - "Micro- and Nano-technologies for Sensors manufacturing" Course at Santa Cesarea Terme, Lecce, Italy.

Professional skills
  • Surface science; complex phenomenological investigations of semiconductor metal oxides for gas-sensing applications;
  • Gas Mixing Station, Kelvin Probe, Photoacustic Gas Analyser System Innova operation;
  • Experimental and technological research in the field of chemoresistive sensors;
Research contributions on topics of :
  • Fundamental comprehension of the role of the morphology of the metal oxides semiconductors (MOX) nanostructures on the surface reactivity - gas-sensitive properties.
  • Quantitative and qualitative nature of the effect due to crystallite dimension.
  • The identification of the reaction partners in MOX interaction with the molecules of the test gas.
  • Understanding the charge transfer mechanism associated with the surface reactions and their connection with the transducing effect, respectively with the changes of the macroscopic parameters (physical quantities).
International Memberships
  • Member of NEXUS (Network of Excellence in Multifunctional Microsystems).
  • Member of GOSPEL (General Olfaction and Sensing Projects on a European Level) - Network of Excellence (NoE) under funding of the European Commission in the 6th framework programme.
Scientific referent activity to Elsevier from 2008
  • Sensors and Actuators B.
  • Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids.
  • Superlattices and Microstructures.
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