Ph.D. Alina BANUTA

Dr. Alina BANUTA

Senior Researcher III

Telephone :
+40-21-369.01.70 / int.180
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1987–1992: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics

2005: PhD- University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics- "Physical properties of the oxide ceramics".

Hands-on experience
  • Characterization of the advanced ceramics materials, nanopowders by XRD
  • Synthesis of advanced materials by solvothermal and ball milling methods
Research contributions on topics of:
  1. Investigation of the oxide ceramics by microwave absorption techniques.
  2. Hydrothermal synthesis of some polycrystalline - iron oxides.
  3. Characterization by X-ray diffraction of the oxide ceramics with the advanced properties obtained by solvothermal process.
  4. Characterization of - Fe2O3 and MxFe3-xO4 (M=Co, 0 x 1) powders obtained by hydrothermal synthesis.
  5. Investigation on the advanced materials for sensing and photocatalitic applications.
  • Romanian Society of Physics
Recent publications
  • Synthesis, characterization and thermal decomposition studies of some malates coordination compounds. Part. I. Iron – nickel compounds
    O. Carp, L. Patron, I. Mindru, G. Marinescu, L. Diamandescu and A. Banuta
    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Vol. 74, 789  799 (2003)
  • Influence of Neutron Irradiation on (B0.65C0.35)Ba1.4Sr0.6Ca2Cu3Oz Superconducting Phase. The Role of the Grain Edge.
    V. Mihalache, A Totovana, V. Sandu, S. Popa, G. Aldica, Iyo Akira
    Journal of Superconductivity, 18(4), 461467 (2005)